How and why the French company SCASSI, an expert in critical system cybersecurity, trusted us to localize their website in two languages.

The security of IT systems has always been a key challenge for all IT teams since the early days of computing. With the development of working from home, the current, and probably future, situation requires the right solutions to enable employees and trusted partners to access company  systems securely and safely.

SCASSI, a leader in this industry, turned to us to localize their website in two languages. We were chosen thanks to our solid expertise and our 20+ years of experience in the IT field and high-tech in general, particularly in cybersecurity.

SCASSI has built a relationship of trust with ComStella , based particularly on the quality of translation services delivered, an unmatched responsiveness and a unique advice-oriented approach to facilitate project completion. SCASSI confirms their incredibly positive experience:


“We enlisted the help of ComStella for the translation of our website into English and Spanish:

Laurent, ComStella’s project manager, not only demonstrated high levels of responsiveness and flexibility, but was also proactive in offering solutions thanks to his extensive experience. It was a real pleasure to work with the ComStella team. We will definitely turn to them again in the future to leverage their skills”.

Marketing and Communications Director