Three localization specialists have set themselves a new challenge. Their goal:


To break new ground by offering a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

To give their business a human face by encouraging relationships of trust and respect for both clients and collaborators.



ComStella was founded by three translation and localization professionals with complementary profiles: Laurent has a wealth of experience in translation project management, tools, and methodologies; Philip in IT and the high-tech sector; and Christophe in both marketing translation and technical review for major software vendors. With their extensive expertise and synergy, they're uniquely placed to understand your needs.

The pace of the modern world is fast, sometimes too fast. For many years, a price war has been waged in the language industry to the detriment of translators everywhere. It's up to us to explain why translating with ComStella might sometimes take a little longer or be slightly more expensive than our competitors. We can adapt to meet your budget and time frames, but your documents deserve the care and attention required for their high-quality translation.

You've worked hard to design your product or to write a marketing brochure to take on the international market. So ComStella will work hard to ensure that your translated documents accurately reflect your offering.

Together, we'll define and put in place the processes and both the human and technical resources necessary to match your objectives and to meet your specific needs. Based on a wealth of experience, our tailored advice maximizes the added value of our services.

We favour an agile, cost-effective approach, based on transparency, ongoing dialogue, and the full understanding of your key issues.

We can help you with any part of your requirements: from auditing your content to implementing transparent translation solutions and processes. Whether you have a digitization project or want to implement new tools, we're here to assist and advise you.

We'll support you every step of the way, just like we've already done
for companies of every size.