Our services

In addition to our full range of services, we constantly strive to adapt and tailor our offering to meet your specific needs and objectives for each project and each request.

Our services include:
general purpose and technical translation
software and website localization
advice and support with digitization projects
added-value language services (e.g. terminology management, reviewing)
linguistic and functional quality assurance and checking
project management and translation or localization strategy consulting
assessment of tools (e.g. CAT, STE, TMS)

Our language offering covers European, South American, and Asian languages in a variety of source and target language combinations. Multilingual projects are prepared and coordinated upstream by a single project manager. If you have specific needs in terms of languages or otherwise, we'll examine these in close consultation with you to find an appropriate solution.

We have extensive expertise in the translation of documentation for the high-tech sector, in particular in the areas of IT and electronics. But we have also evolved to cover translation needs in sectors like renewable energy, as well as in the human resources, management, and legal fields. Above all, ComStella strives to offer an impeccable standard of service, unrivaled knowledge, and specialized expertise. Our teams also monitor technological developments in the fields covered, ensuring a reliable translation that uses the correct terminology.

To evaluate our services, don't hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to undertake an initial pilot project for you on preferential terms. Feel free to also ask our clients what they think of us.
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