Tools & Processes

Tools, resources, and processes

When necessary, we make use of the most up-to-date technology in the business: computer-assisted translation tools, online terminology databases, glossaries, project management or customer relationship management software. But these tools remain firmly under our control and you will always be informed of how they are used.

We currently don't use machine translation. Given its current state of development, the results that can be obtained from this fail to meet our quality standards. The human intelligence is still the only means of being able to detect the nuances, inconsistencies, or even mistakes present in source text files. In addition, the economic viability of this technology very much depends on the project at hand.

We match our use of tools, resources, and processes to the needs of each specific project. Our commitment and agility enable us to define and deploy tailor-made solutions. To make sure we stay up to date with changing trends and the latest technology, we also invest in monitoring technological developments and training.

Whenever possible, we try and avoid any abrupt changes to your current processes so as to maximize your return on investment. We investigate and suggest possible improvements or changes when we feel these could be of benefit. We also communicate with you in a way that's flexible and efficient and that's best suited to the scope and nature of each project.

Based on your preferences and availability, we organize online meetings and interactive discussions throughout the course of each project to clarify stages and objectives, tools, means, and resources for all the relevant stakeholders. We will work with you to define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the outcomes of each project against predetermined standards.

We always demonstrate accountability, transparency and objectivity when evaluating projects and time frames. This is equally true when determining the resources to be allocated, along with the costs and tools required for each project.

We believe in a fair pricing strategy and a pricing methodology that is clear, simple, accurate, and fixed, that contains no hidden or additional costs.

We foster a collaborative working environment that is flat, streamlined, cohesive, and fluid. This allows us to combine the most advanced technology with the key requirements of security, data protection, social and environmental responsibility, and respect for both ethical values and privacy.

Finally, we also believe that all of our business's stakeholders are equally important, whether they're a prospect, a client, an employee,
an external collaborator or partner.