Proactive, responsive, committed to quality, respectful, and ethical

Our team already has a strong track record and now our goal is to promote a set of values. We're not looking to operate in low-cost countries or to maximize the profits from our business. Our vision is for personalized service that respects our belief in quality and guaranteed time frames. We also believe that our project managers, and especially our translation partners, should be remunerated fairly and appropriately.

Our difference

We don't view the profession or its principles and standards in terms of purely economic criteria or as being solely for profit. We're fully aware that quality comes at a price and requires an investment. So we work hard to make this happen.

We love what we do and chose it because we're passionate about it and feel that we've found our calling. We apply rigorous professional standards to each stage and task in the process established in consultation with the client. And in our day-to-day interaction with you, we constantly follow a strict code of conduct as proof of our professional values and ethics.

Each client is assigned a single point of contact, usually a project manager, who processes and tracks each request from A to Z. This person is an experienced professional who has a thorough knowledge of our workflow. Our process integrates with that of the client, allowing a continuous exchange of information and promoting trust within your teams.

Certain tools allow us to facilitate interaction between us and our clients and to speed up certain management or translation processes. We'll notify you if we implement these tools according to your needs. These tools are controlled by our project managers. Because at ComStella, it is people that guide technology and not the other way around.

We place great importance on the confidentiality and security of your data.
These principles are incorporated in all our contracts and
are central to our concerns.